« Despite “bumps” in Asia, the luxury sector continues its growth trajectory » – October 21, 2021

At LVMH “there are two drivers: the fashion and leather goods sector and China,” Mimoza Bogeska, co-founder of the management company Monocle Asset Management, told AFP.


« Three questions on the announcement of ‘positive’ results from Valneva’s vaccine candidate » – October 18, 2021

«”These are very satisfying results, which reassure investors after the bad news of last month,” said Pierre Michaud, portfolio manager at Monocle AM.»


« Monocle Fund, identifying opportunities ignored by the market” – Special edition, 50 funds to (re)discover » – October 2021

«[Monocle] has its origins in the Dieselgate».


« The Paris Stock Exchange is back above 6,700 points” – AFP dispatch » – September 23, 2021

«We are still in a momentum market», where investors, optimistic, continue to bet on stocks that have recently progressed, says Charles Monot. This pushes «valuations to very, very high levels», «until a pretext causes a correction».

Le Monde

« How to take your first steps in the stock market – Eric Leroux » – September 14, 2021

According to [Charles Monot, president and portfolio manager of Monocle Asset Management], « you have to understand the business in which you are investing and pass by if you don’t understand »

Les Echos

« Top prices, bottom line down: top executives under pressure » – September 7, 2021

« Pinterest, Netflix, Amazon… many are the leaders of large companies facing a difficult operational reality, but with stock prices at the top. In these conditions, “the presentation of results is now like a salto in a flying trapeze,” says Charles Monot, president of Monocle asset management. »


« A now integrated management » – September 1, 2021

« Monocle Fund differentiates itself by the personal commitment of its founder and manager Charles Monot, who is directly invested in the fund »


« Macroeconomic analysis on inflation by Maximilien Monot, portfolio manager at Monocle Asset Management » – July 28, 2021

« The economic future is uncertain, and it is complicated to predict what may happen – even the specialists are wrong. Nevertheless, two scenarios seem to emerge… »


« Brexit, a spoils to be shared » – July 8, 2021

« The Brexit was complicating our fund’s referencing scheme with these [insurance] companies. Since we moved to Paris, the doors are opening,” reports Charles Monot, president of Monocle AM »


« Paris, July 01, 2021 »

« Monocle Asset Management takes over the management of the Monocle Fund (5 stars
Quantalys), a flexible management fund for private clients and wealth management advisors. »


« Quantalys Inside, 1 décembre 2020 »

«Monocle Fund now ranks best fund in the Quantalys Flexible Prudent Fund category »
Charles intervened alongside Quantalys founder Jean-Paul Raymond to talk about allocations (theory and practice in this complicated context):

Workshop 1 – « How to build an optimal allocation ? »

Workshop 2 – « How to make the difference between tactical and strategic allocation ? »

Workshop 3 – « How to reduce risk by diversifying an allocation? »

Les Echos

November 22, 2018

« As far as balanced funds are concerned, only Monocle Fund stands out from the rest. »


« Observatory: study on June 30, 2018 »

«The Monocle Fund is positioned in the 1st quartile of its category over all periods »

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