Monocle AM aims to offer its investors the best risk-adjusted performance over a long-term investment horizon.

Our philosophy is to grow wealth, but not at any cost: we refuse to take exaggerated risks.

Some funds offer very attractive returns over certain periods but present risks that we consider unacceptable. Cycle reversals generally cost them

much. Too much. We don’t do that.

We don’t follow others. We don’t invest in a company just because it’s fashionable. We implement a demanding investment strategy.

Our approach is one of conviction: we hold a limited number of companies (within regulatory limits), which we know in depth and for which we believe the potential for gain is high

and the risk of loss limited.

When no stock meets our criteria, we abstain. We are comfortable with not investing when the circumstances do not seem right to us. Finally, we believe – like Warren Buffett – that a good investment idea does not appear every day.


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Founded by Charles Monot and Mimoza Bogeska, Monocle Asset Management is an independent and entrepreneurial management company. Monocle AM is entirely owned by its managers and employees.

Charles is personally invested in the fund, thereby ensuring a total alignment of interests with his clients. For the background, it is following the sale of family assets that, unsatisfied with the offers received, Charles decided to directly manage his own assets.

We are here to achieve our clients’ long-term savings objectives, following a capital preservation philosophy.

« Monocle Fund stands out for the personal commitment of its founder and manager Charles Monot, who is directly invested in it»

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