Our management expertise

Monocle Fund is a balanced fund (UCITS) invested in companies of all sizes (large, medium, and small capitalizations), mainly in the European and American (US) markets.

We implement a discretionary, flexible, and diversified management approach.

In concrete terms, we work to identify assets at strategic points in their development. Security selection is carried out through a rigorous investment process, combining a bottom-up conviction approach with a top-down approach. We carefully study the companies in which we choose to invest, and our analysis is independent of stock market indexes. Finally, we maintain a flexible allocation, with no obligation to invest, to preserve capital.


The investment strategy is simple and based on 3 rules:

Rule 1: Managers look for stocks that offer a high potential gain relative to their risk level. These opportunities are rare and the lines will therefore be concentrated. If no stocks meet these criteria, the managers apply rule 2.

Rule 2: The managers invest the balance of the fund in safe assets (first class government bonds with a short duration limiting interest rate and credit risks). In the event of a crisis, these funds can be rapidly deployed to seize new opportunities.

Rule 3: Occasionally, managers may add hedges to reduce market and currency risks to help protect assets regardless of market conditions.

This strategy aims to take advantage of individual opportunities while protecting assets.

Capital preservation philosophy

Valuation of capital
Portfolio protection

Opportunistic strategy

Independence from indexes
Freedom in asset allocation

Adversarial approach

Internal analysis without reliance on brokers
No pressure of consensus

« Monocle Fund: deliver a high single digit (5%-10%) performance over the longer term (3-5 years) with a capital preservation philosophy. »

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